Frequently Asked Questions

01. What principle is the SkinDream® TITANIUM based on?

The SkinDream® TITANIUM uses the relatively new technology of cosmetic ultrasound. Ultrasound waves at a specific frequency (1 MHz) and signal strength (2 levels: 0.5 or 1 W/cm²) are “sounded” into the skin with the help of a coupling medium (special gel).

02. How does cosmetic ultrasound differ from other, competing methods?

The major difference from galvanic, laser and dermabrasion systems is the wide range of applications and safe use at home with no side-effects.

03. Why is the sonic head of the SkinDream® TITANIUM made of titanium?

Titanium is a very light, yet very strong metal with excellent vibration characteristics, and elicits no known rejection responses from the human organism whatsoever. It has been used successfully in medicine (even invasive medicine) for many decades. The quality of the sonic head and its vibration characteristics are the most important component for successful and effective cosmetic use of ultrasound. The effectiveness of the titanium head and its harmlessness when used on human skin are considerably better than conventional alloy sonic heads (most often made of aluminum alloys).

04. Why does the competition use much shinier, better looking sonic heads?

The titanium sonic head is ground from one piece, but has not been additionally coated. This results in a somewhat “rougher” surface, which may not look as good, but which significantly improves the efficiency and harmlessness in use.

05. What is the difference between the two settings (50% and 100%) you can choose on the SkinDream® TITANIUM?

This preselects the intensity (amplitude) of the ultrasound. 50% stands for 0.5 W/cm² and 100% stands for 1 W/cm². As a rule, one should always start off at 50% (especially for the face), and should only select 100% if the skin and the underlying connective tissue shows a poor response (often seen in people of low weight or smokers) or if one is generally unsatisfied with the results. When used in the décolleté area or on larger body surfaces, one can begin at 100%.

06. Why does the skin turn red after SkinDream® TITANIUM treatment?

This is definitely not an allergic reaction. Reddening of the skin results from the increased blood flow induced by the thermal action of the SkinDream® TITANIUM. Such reddening differs in intensity depending on skin type, and can even fail to appear in people with very weak connective tissue, and typically goes away again after about 20–30 minutes. It is in fact a highly positive and desired reaction to the treatment itself. Reasons for not seeing any reddening of the skin after using the SkinDream® TITANIUM could be either very weak connective tissue, moving the sonic head too quickly over the skin, applying too much gel, setting the intensity too low or not using it for long enough. Try to correct your method regarding these points, or contact your beauty technician.

07. How should I use the SkinDream® TITANIUM handset with the sonic head on the face? Do I have to move the TITANIUM sonic head over the skin?

The SkinDream® TITANIUM works with continuous ultrasound to produce an even, lasting action during the treatment. It is therefore very important to keep the ultrasound head moving over the skin with very slow, circular movements and without pressing too hard. This avoids producing a so-called hotspot (strong warming or even excessive heating in the tissue). While it is not likely for such hotspots to be caused at the intensity of the SkinDream® TITANIUM, it is theoretically possible.

08. Do I have to take the SkinDream® TITANIUM out of the charging station once the battery is fully charged?

The system works on the principle of induction charging. That means, the lithium-ion battery in the handset is charged without direct contact. Once the battery is fully charged, the charging unit in the station receives an impulse and the charging stops. That means the handset can remain in the charging station without any risk, and without excess current draw.

09. Should I always let the battery go completely dead before charging it up again?

It is not necessary to let the lithium-ion battery go completely dead. The latest generation of lithium-ion batteries generally do not suffer from the so-called “memory effect” of older batteries, which means you can put the battery back on the charging station at any time, whether it is still half full or nearly empty. It will always be immediately charged as necessary. This will not cause any damage to the battery.

10. Other systems have lots of buttons for setting specific frequencies and intensities – why doesn't the SkinDream® TITANIUM have those?

The best action of cosmetic ultrasound is decided by the type of sound (continuous ultrasound), the penetration depth (1 MHz), a sufficient, yet still safe intensity (0.5–1W/cm²) and, overall, the quality of the sonic head. We designed and built the SkinDream® TITANIUM with all these parameters in mind. We also place utmost importance on ease of use. That is why we spared all the additional functions that achieve no demonstratively better action.

11. What amount of gel should I use to obtain the best results?

The rule of thumb is: spread a walnut-sized portion of Ultrasonic Gel onto the TITANIUM sonic head and then massage it onto the skin using light, slow and gentle movements. During prolonged application, the gel can dry out over time, in which case, all you need to do is add more gel to the TITANIUM sonic head. Too little gel decreases the coupling of the ultrasound, too much is not needed. The TITANIUM Sonic Head should always glide over the skin without jerking.

12. Do I have to use the Sono Fluid that comes with it, or could I take, say, a conventional medical ultrasound gel or other type of ultrasound gel?

In principle, every ultrasound gel will work with the SkinDream® TITANIUM. The Sono Fluid supplied, however, has been optimally developed for use with the SkinDream® TITANIUM, and also contains skin-soothing ingredients to avoid any allergic reactions with the skin.

13. How long should I apply the ultrasound for a full facial treatment?

Divide your facial treatment into four parts: 1) Forehead & eye area, 2) Right half of the face, 3) Left half of the face, 4) Upper lip, chin & neck area. Begin with a hazelnut-sized portion of Ultrasonic Gel on the forehead for about 2 minutes/120 seconds (Note: the SkinDream® TITANIUM has an in-built timer that starts counting the treatment time in seconds as soon as the handset is switched on). After about 2 minutes/120 seconds, repeat the treatment on the right and left halves of the face and then, again, work the upper lip, chin & neck area for 2 minutes/120 seconds. Please note: the effects of the ultrasound will set in after a certain delay (about 5–10 minutes, depending on skin type). Reddening typically sets in after this time, so you should not continue the treatment for too long; the results usually only show up after the treatment.

14. Why does my face always get very warm after a facial treatment?

Like reddening, this effect is also a result of the thermal action of the SkinDream® TITANIUM. The heat results from the improved blood circulation, and is a desired reaction. The warm feeling, like the reddening, goes away again after about 20–30 minutes.

15. Can I reduce cellulite on my thighs using the SkinDream® TITANIUM?

In principle, cosmetic ultrasound would be a good choice of treatment against cellulite, given its mode of action. The size of the sonic head, however, is not necessarily suitable for large-area use. Nevertheless, the SkinDream® TITANIUM should at any rate be used as a supporting and accompanying treatment if you are prepared to invest the time for the treatment.

17. How long will the built-in rechargeable battery last?

The high-performance, rechargeable lithium-ion battery built into the SkinDream® TITANIUM has a lifecycle of approximately 1500 charges. At an operating time of about 45 effective minutes per battery charge, and assuming an average daily treatment time of about 15 minutes, the battery will last for approximately 12 years.

18. How long does the warranty last on the SkinDream® TITANIUM?

MediConsult provides a 24-month worldwide warranty on the SkinDream® TITANIUM system.

20. What do I need the SoniCare Complete Ampoule Cure for, and how do I apply it?

The SoniCare Complete Ampoule Cure, also separately available, is a short supplementary treatment for a full regeneration cure of facial skin. 3 different ampoules, each with different ingredients, are sounded in with the help of cosmetic ultrasound within a specific time frame (6 days) about 4–6 times a year, depending on skin type, maturity and condition of the skin. The ampoules are applied as follows:
  1. Sound in the Enzyme Ampoule (½ an ampoule each day on days 1 and 2) with Ultrasonic Gel or PhytoGel = gentle cleansing of the skin with an enzyme peel
  2. Sound in the Elastin Ampoule (½ an ampoule each day on days 3 and 4) with Ultrasonic Gel or PhytoGel = skin tightening and improving moisture balance
  3. Sound in the Rebuilding Ampoule (½ an ampoule each day on days 5 and 6) with Ultrasonic Gel or PhytoGel = skin building and smoothing, moisture depository, filling out

21. Can I damage my skin by using the SkinDream® TITANIUM?

Given the low intensity and the specific frequency (penetration depth), skin damage caused by cosmetic ultrasound can be practically ruled out. Nevertheless, you should not use it too often or for too long. The same rules apply to cosmetic ultrasound as to homeopathy: less is more – consistency brings success, not intensity!
Always remember: any inexplicable changes in the skin and any open wounds must never be treated with the SkinDream® TITANIUM. Always consult a doctor or health professional for clarification beforehand! Under obligation by law, we must also mention that you should not use the SkinDream® TITANIUM in the case of pregnancy, up to 2 weeks after Botox treatment, in the presence of open or undiagnosed skin conditions, or in the chest area if wearing a pacemaker.