The Titanium Sonic Head of the SkinDream® TITANIUM

Titanium is a very precious, lightweight, low-density, non-corroding and temperature-resistant metal of very high strength for its low weight. Given the complex production process, it is still costs about ten times more than conventional steel.

Aside from its predominant uses in space technology and ship and airplane construction, titanium is also frequently used in medicine. In dentistry, it is used as a biocompatible material for implants, in orthopedics, it is the first choice for prosthetics, and in neurosurgery, titanium clamps have largely replaced stainless steel ones for aneurysm operations. This is above all due to the fact that this metal triggers no immunological rejection responses whatsoever.

Added up, these optimal properties of titanium were the reasons behind the development of a unique ultrasound head that fulfils all requirements for a highly efficient, completely medically harmless and long-lasting treatment system. Extensive laboratory tests have shown that the oscillation energy can be transmitted through the titanium head practically evenly and without any loss over the skin for the first time ever. The SkinDream® TITANIUM sonic head is produced exclusively and of the highest quality standard in a small-scale factory in Germany.

SkinDream® TITANIUM is the world's first cosmetic ultrasound system for home use with a TITANIUM sonic head.


Measurement Report SD Head Old (high frequency fluctuation = higher self-oscillation)



Measurement Report SD Titanium Head NEW (low frequency fluctuation = very low self-oscillation)