I have been using the Skin Dream for about 3 months now and love it. It has reduced the extra skin under my chin by more than half and firmed up my checks. the lines in my face have also been reduced. I also started working on some raised blemishes on my abdomen and they are smaller and look like they will either fall off or reduce down to nothing. Although I could see the differences myself, I was delighted when I went to visit someone I haven't seen for about 4 months. She said "what are doing? You look fantastic - so much younger." Then her husband came home and said "my gosh you look great. " Thank you skin dream!

Mary Mays

I have been using the SkinDream® for 4 years now (which includes pre Titanium models) and have experienced dramatic improvements after just a few applications. The positive changes were so prominent that many of my family members, friends and even strangers commented on my beautiful skin and ordered SkinDreams®. Prior to my introduction to the SkinDream® my skin was dull, grey, unhealthy, uneven and marked by acne scars, pimples and blackheads. Faithful daily applications for 4 weeks lead to healthy, toned skin free of pimples, scars and blackheads. What a success!!! I no longer have to cover my skin with foundation and I am so happy to have great skin – something I never thought would be possible for me. This was the best investment I ever made and regular maintenance of 2-3 sessions per week keep my skin in great shape. This is a powerful tool for any woman and eliminates the need for expensive other procedures.

Allie Ochs
Oakville, ON, Canada

My success story with MediConsult. I have been on MRS2000+ designo® mat for over 2 years consistently every day. I have been using the SkinDream® TITANIUM about 18 months every 3 days. Very committed to both of the products. I was with friends a few weeks ago and I told them I was going to celebrate my 75th Birthday. They would not believe that I am 75 years old. I told them I would show them my birth certificate, we laughed. I have been sick a lot in my life and now that I have been using MediConsult products I am healthier and younger looking than I have been in years!! Thank you MediConsult for keeping me Young!

Charline McDermott
Ojai, CA, USA

I have been using the SkinDream® TITANIUM inconsistently for about 4 months. For 27 years I worked outdoors as a lifeguard/swimming instructor/pool manager and did a lot of damage to my skin spending long days in the sun without any type of tanning lotion and certainly not sun screen because it hadn't been invented yet. As a result I had a deeply furrowed forehead and very deep crows feet on the outside corners of both eyes. I also a fairly prominent scar on my forehead, from 8 to 10 stitches due to a lacrosse stick injury. After about 20 SkinDream® TITANIUM treatments, the furrows and the crows' feet are almost gone and my skin definitely looks a lot younger than my 63 years. Thank you SkinDream® TITANIUM.

Brian Sklar
Waterloo, ON, Canada

At the time, SkinDream® was introduced by MediConsult, Dr. Max Poschenrieder volunteered to test this cosmetic ultrasound device for the removal of white spots which he had on both hands. As it is known, white spots can not even be removed with laser, let alone any lotion. After watching Max diligently using Skin Dream 10 minutes each day on one hand, I noticed the positive result very quickly and a most astonishing result after three months. All white spots had disappeared on the treated hand and never returned even after years without SkinDream® use. Max remained our SkinDream® hand model up to that day.

Dr. Max Poschenrieder
Denver, CO, USA

After using the SkinDream® TITANIUM for only a few weeks, I began to notice significant changes in my skin! I had suffered from severe acne for many years which resulted in ice-pick acne scars, uneven skin tone, and poor skin texture with many enlarged pore and blackheads. For over 30 years I had tried to improve the condition of my skin with little to no success, until I found the SkinDream. Finally, at the age of almost 51, I am enjoying a bright and even complexion! My ice-pick acne scars are gone and I constantly get compliments on my skin.

Sandra King
Beamsville, ON, Canada

Within a few days of beginning use of the SkinDream® TITANIUM, Lyn Drake of Greenwood Village CO noticed positive changes. For fifteen plus years Lyn had been plagued with hormonal cysts, and milia. To attempt control of the maladies Lyn underwent microdermabrasion, laser treatments, topical agents and a monthly chemical peel.
Within three to four days of daily Skin Dream Titanium usage, Lyn noticed the milia had diminished by 30% and within one month had diminished by about 70%. Lyn’s anesthetician of 14 years immediately noticed greatly reduced milia, enhanced radiance, improved skin texture, and a “younger” facial contour!
When Lyn became complacent, enjoying her clear skin, with diminished use of the SkinDream® TITANIUM, the hormonal cysts reappeared. Thus, SkinDream® TITANIUM use is now a part of her evening regime several times a week as suggested! In addition, there is a steady stream of friends who noticed Lyn’s remarkable results, who now visit Lyn’s home to utilize the SkinDream® TITANIUM!

Lyn Drake
Greenwood Village, CO, USA

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